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Kekova Daily Tours


KEKOVA can be our other guests in daily tours, it is enough to specify if you are special enough We insist on our new arriving guests, we recommend kekova day tour, firstly there is a swimming mall in the aquarium bay and we also have tea in this cove here for 35-40 min. After the stop, we are passing by seeing the sunken city from the boat and our next stop is the pirate mausoleum. We are getting pictures from the cave approaching the cave and afterwards we stop for the lunch break in the sky. Then we give 35-40 min swimming distance again in the bush dark cold water bay. We recommend you to eat homemade ice cream for 1 hour free time in the castle village. Afterwards we give you a swimming break in the bay between the islands and finally we are making fruit

Tur Rotası

10:45- 11:40

11:50 - 12:20

12/10- 12/40


13:00 13:45




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