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Welcome Koray Yatçılık

Kekova Holiday is the operation of Kekova, Kalkan and Kas with the best single and most experienced seafarers.
 Our Mission Vision; We always respond sincerely and sincerely to our customers who come to Kekova on the kekova boat tour.
 We keep customer and customer satisfaction in the foreground by constantly defeating the boat and out team

Kekova Lunch Menü

Lunch with Pepper Peas, Sauce Ravioli, Bulgur with Zebz, Seasonal Salad, Zepze Chips, Grilled Chicken ..... Our Fish or Meat Type Service on Special Tours in Beautiful Bays of Kekova

Your Pleace And Kekova Transfer

We Have Transfer Service To Kekova Marina For Our Customers .. Transfer Service Is Provided For Extra Fee ..

Covid-19 we Clean Boat

As Kekova-Holiday, we have taken some precautions due to the covid-19 corona virus we live in ... Our boats will work at half capacity, the personnel will be used continuously disinfected, isolated disposable food and beverage system, boat disinfection, social distance rules warning on the boat and barrier tape will be applied. In addition, you can bring your own food on Private Tours. (Note: barbecue is lit)


While serving you the unique tastes of the Mediterranean, we care as much as you taste your health.

Activities & Services

You can get advice from us to join the fun water sports.

Special Offers

We make your holiday fun and pleasure with our special tours and beautiful tours and routes.

Kekova Boat Trip


  • 10: 00/10: 30 We Meet On Our Kekova Yacht Harbor Boat 
  • Included; Boat Tour, Lunch (BBQ fish and seasonal meat or chicken with it), Tea, Desserts, etc. Refreshments 
  • Not Included; Ruins Entrance, Water Sports, Boat Bar Those who want to join the Kekova Shared Boat Tour can contact us and make a reservation
  •  10:45 departure 17:30 return 
  • What You Need To Know Before You Come; Bring Swimming Suits, Towels etc. With You, Also You Have Informed Us About The Food You Are Allergy Before Booking
  •  1 person 22€
  • credit card valid Due
  •  to covid-19, our boat operates at half capacity.